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Guggenheim Museum - special edition


Guggenheim Museum - special edition


To house Solomon Guggenheim's collection of modern art, Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned a powerful spatial experience, one that would revolutionize the relationship between people and art.  The result, the iconic Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, utilized stunning innovation in form and Wright s concept of organic architecture to radically transform the museum experience. It has often been said that the greatest work in the collection of the Guggenheim Museum is the building itself.  What makes the Guggenheim an architectural and cultural icon?  How did Wright conceive of and develop his ideas for the building s coiling ramp and magnificent rotunda? And how does it continue to challenge our collective understanding of art museums even into the 21st century?  Neil Levine, world-renowned architectural historian and professor at Harvard University, takes us on an engaging and personal tour of the building and its history. The tour is fun, provocative, and will leave you with a clear understanding of how 'The Guggenheim' has forever changed our assumptions of what an art museum can be. 

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Disc One:  Documentary Film
• Story told by world-renowned architectural historian and Harvard Professor, Neil Levine. 
• Featuring archival film footage and original Wright drawings and sketches. 
• New photography of the recently restored museum. 
• 1 hour and 25 minutes in duration.
• Region Free (DVD is viewable in all countries)
• NTSC and PAL format supported.

Studio:  IN-D media, LLCDirector / Producer:  Timothy Sakamoto
Editor:  Francois Maurin
Starring:  Neil Levine
Appearances by:  Susan Jacobs Lockhart
Music by:  Josh Sklair
Released Date:  August 2010

Edition: Special
Number of discs: 2
Regions: Worldwide
Language: English
Aspect Ration:  16:9 (wide screen)
Duration:  85 minutes

Disc Two:  Interactive Virtual Tour
The Interactive Tour presents a comprehensive documentation of the Guggenheim Museum. It brings together a wide-ranging collection of contemporary photographs, 360 degree virtual reality panoramas, drawings, and floor plans, to create a virtual experience of the museum.

Interactive Tour Requirements:
• Operating systems:  Windows
• DVD-ROM Drive